Why Mountain Residences

Mountain Residences' projects are characterized by:

  • Buildings at top locations in regions in the Alps with 2-4 seasons
  • Exclusive and distinctive architecture
  • Comfort, luxury and much added value
  • High level of workmanship and quality including the smallest details
  • A combination of sport, restaurant, wellness and lifestyle facilities
  • Professional and personal support through the whole process
  • Short lines of contact and clear communication
  • Excellent renting opportunities / renting concept
  • Financial and emotional returns
  • Fiscal and legal support is available
  • Excellent opportunities for financing though local banks
  • Investing in stable and reliable countries with solid economies
  • Strict laws and the best guarantees regarding purchase, building and ownership
  • There are no inheritance taxes, tax limits on gifts and no income tax in Austria.

"Our shared passion for Austria results in a cooperation with a maximum added value for all parties."